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We have been operating since 1986...

Developing alongside all our customers.

We have optimal facilities devoted to machining of parts against drawings, manufacturing and assembling of machinery and industrial maintenance. We are specialists in mandrel shafts as well as assembling of different type of machinery.

Our work team is formed by more than 45 professionals with the highest level of qualifications and experience, precision finishes and excellence in service being our main goals.

In recent years, internationalisation has had a presence, and currently the company is working in different foreign markets. In turn, it is integrating industry 4.0.

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  1. 1986. Otsabio Founded

    To begin with, Otsabio was based at the Beotibar Industrial Area in Belauntza, where it began its machining activity.

  2. 1992. Extension and new services

    The plant was extended with an adjoining pavilion. Likewise, machinery assembly activity started, thus adapting to new market needs.

  3. 2008. Move to new plant

    The change of plant to the Apatta industrial area was a qualitative leap: modern and cutting-edge machinery was incorporated, the useful area grew to 4,500 m², making possible to provide a larger and better service, and a gradual increase in the number of staff was started that continues today.

  4. At present. Internationalisation and restructuring of areas

    Given the constant growth of Otsabio, it is necessary to restructure the different production areas, recovering and refurbishing the old facilities in Belauntza.
    In recent years, and through ongoing R+D work, the incorporation of the latest machine technology on the market has enabled Otsabio to open up to international markets, also beginning to work for companies in Europe and the United States. The company has also committed to exploring Industry 4.0.

Sustainable commitment.

Our commitment to the environment is a daily one, to the extent that, for example, we have installed a pioneering waste collection system at our plant. A dragging machine collects the shavings and takes them under the ground to an end pit. This method has now become an example for other companies in the sector. Oils and other waste also receives specific treatment.

Production areas.

Our main plant is located at Apatta industrial area, which, in addition to the offices, is also home to the machining and machinery assembling areas. The plant in Belauntza is geared towards welding.

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